Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Prepared.

Ira Glasses takes you through the halls of Waterford Union High School in Waterford, WI and examines the responses to what PBIS is and how the kids relate and respond.



Goals / Expectations:
Know about the concept of respect.
Know about respectful behaviors and the impact it has on peers.

1. The purpose of the video, although entertaining, was to look briefly at specific scenarios for too common at WUHS. Think about times you have witnessed or have been a part of a situation similar to what you have just seen.

2. How are others who witness these events affected? For whom is demonstrating respect most important-those involved or those who witness the incident?

3. One component of Wolverine Pride is respect. Do your part respecting those around you, your peers, your teachers, and all those who step foot in this building.

Art Foundations PBIS Posters

One of the 3 "Be" Statement Posters by the Art Foundations classes at WUHS

Be Respectful - Help one another out!

When it comes time to help each other out in the hallways, this poster by Olivia Hartley and Abby Felton really demonstrated the PBIS “Be Respectful” wonderfully. Follow the below link to see even more of the PBIS posters by first semester Art Foundation students.

Tardy PBIS Video

Here is a cool video about being Tardy! PBIS is all around us!

Welcome to PBIS@WUHS

Waterford Union High School is beginning a new venture into encouraging and educating positive behavior through PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). The three “Be” statements: “Be Prepared,” Be Responsible,” and “Be Respectful” are the key behavioral components of PBIS. The intent behind PBIS is that we all work together, with the same understanding of clearly defined behaviors and expectations to support and reward those positive behaviors among all individuals at WUHS (students, staff, parents, etc.). The goal of PBIS is to improve the behavioral and academic performance and decrease the negative and unacceptable behavior at Waterford Union High School and beyond.